50% of waste could be recycled

Janus sorts your waste automatically

50% of trash in the general waste could be recycled, while 25% of trash in the recycling bins is contaminated with unrecyclable waste. We present Janus, a bin that sorts waste automatically. Just throw your waste away, and let us take care of the rest. We guarantee to save your company 10% of your waste management costs. Early projections estimate possible reductions by 40%.

What can Janus do?

Reducing Waste Management Cost

Our bin will reduce the waste management cost by at least 20%.

Bleeding-Edge Technology

We use state-of-the-art sensors, developed in house just for this task, and we use newest AI research straight from our PhD.

Recycling Data

We can help you improve your decisions on waste management based on the data we collect for you.

Optimizing Cleaning Time

We can tell your cleaning team the optimal time to empty the bins.

Our values guide us to our goals and vision.

Be sustainable

We actively consider the environment in each choice we make and work towards a more circular economy. We act as environmental advocates, and aim to improve the health and happiness of our society.

Be customer-centric

We involve our customers early on and value their input. By putting ourselves in their shoes, we can understand their needs, and thus deliver the best experience.

Keep on learning

We strive for life-long learning: we push ourselves to keep an open-mind, learn new skills and acquire new knowledge, no matter your age.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase the recycling rate of companies by 50%.

Vision Statement

We believe that sustainability should not come at a cost. Our vision is to develop the best AI solutions, to increase the recycling rates of companies, while lowering their costs, and leave behind a livable planet for your children.

The Complete Package

Jonathan Feldstein

Managing Director

Jonathan is the engine behind the team. His combination of passions for the environment and start-ups gives the team a clear perspective of the future of the company. He is persuing a PhD in Neuro-Symbolic AI and he has an MSc in Engineering.

Andrew Thirgood

Senior Engineer

Andrew brings over 30 years of engineering experience to the team. Andrew has strong organisational skills, having worked in fast moving and flexible working environments. His experience from working under pressure at Formula 1, help us to keep the development of our products on time, while still guaranteeing highest quality engineering.

Timothy Bullock

Senior Engineer

Timothy has 10 years of engineering experience in large companies, where he brought products from ideation through rapid-prototyping, testing and validation all the way to manufacturing. His expertise in different materials, and engineering of lasting products will help us to develop sustainable and durable products.

Cristian Alistarh

Senior Researcher

Cristian has a PhD in RF Engineering, for which he was awarded with several awards and grants. His expertise in sensor imaging, specifically RF sensing, helps us to develop bleeding-edge sensors.

Ross McLennan

Business Advisor

Ross is an enthusiastic business advisors with two decades of experience. He is helping us to take our ideas from research to market-ready products, that are loved and useful to our customers.

You ?

Industry Advisor

We are currently looking for advisors with experience and connections in the travel and/or recycling industry. If this is you or you know someone please get in touch with us.

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